So your problems are semi-resolved now?

Resolved is partially only the problem with only some nonHiDPI (non resizable) plugins like old Waves (but the graphics oftens falls apart, but I can live with it. On some plugins it does not work at all. As I said, I called for that function for about 4 years!!! Really. But I suggested to have that option, to make it 250%, 300% etc. But still 200% is far better than nothing… 200% is just fine even with these bugs) But Kontakt is not working with that function and many other plugins (like Eventide), Reason rack plugin crashes the Cubase completely (only on heavy loaded project (saved previously in nuendo). When I create new project, I can use Reason Rack with that resize function with no issues. It is just pretty buggy, but it is a progression. NICE MOVE (after 4years of beggin for that). So thanks Steinberg.

But the all other issues remains :frowning: Shrinking resizable plugins, inconsistency in lines and DPI, not being able to make track not so big (zoomed) or not so small, Changing the DPI for mixer and project windows separately)

I’m sure if Cubase could have changed this in one month, they would have - but none of these changes are simple when you have to both retain compatibility with legacy systems and technology, as well as adhere to the new technologies which in within themselves have their own inconsistencies, short sights, bugs, lack of universal standardization, etc, etc… etc, etc.

Steinberg can also do only so much - it is going to be up to plugin makers to also re-re-develop their plugin GUIs and scaling protocols.

These aren’t simple problems to solve.

I know the stuff, I know what is difficult to program. But is really not difficult to put plugins on the frame and stretch them (even they will be blurry, of course, because they are low dpi). It is exactly the same as you play your DVD in your PC media player and you strech the window to fullscreen. VST 2 and 3, both are steinberg’s patented platform and it is not a huge deal, to put a frame over their existing concept (no matter, what plugin company is under the code). I am sure, they made it exactly like this, as I suggested before 4years!!! And this resizing issues with HiDPI (resizable) plugins are here for the same time. I cannot believe, this takes so much time, to (not) see such bugs. The problem is, that the support ignores many many notes from their users. I’ve seen it here dzilion times. They are focused on their “features” so much, that they ignore this “small” things. I will repeat till the rest of my life. Cubase/Nuendo, is the best DAW on this planet. But Steinberg’s support and communication with users is just horrible (even claiming such simple features, like curves on pitchbend). I bet my house, 90% users will welcome pitch bend curves as some new finicky features, over missing such big things, like fully scalable UI, pitch curves etc.

It’s obviously not perfect concerning some border lines while zooming in and out. But I can live with that, and overall, I’m rather VERY happy with the added resolution options and the windows resizing. I definitely prefer the Cubase 11 status, despite some things still to get better, over any Cubase version we have had before, in the age of HiRes monitors.

I am just saying, that these things should be solved at least 2 years ago. And what more, with my Nuendo 10.3 they are even worse in Cubase 11 (with their promise, things with 150% DPI will be solved in version 11. It is not any better). And yes, I welcome the resize nonHidpi plugins option too, but I suggested this very handy feature many times 3 or 4 years ago (I have printscreens, if you don’t believe me). That’s all folks :wink:

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It would be very helpful if people who getting good results with hdpi or 4k screens would update their signatures so people who are having issues can see what make/model, size of screens and graphics cards are producing satisfactory results.

Thank you.

just for the info… I had three computers since cubase 9.5, 10, 10.5, Nuendo 10.3 and now the Cubase 11 … all versions the same issues. Superpower PC computers with high end motherboards and both CPUs (AMD/Intel) + graphic cards - Nvidia quadro p4000, or AMD, or Nvidia 2050… still the same issues (esp. resizing plugins). All 4K screens size 32" (BENQ SW320, EIZO, SAMSUNG U32J590)

  • p.s.
    In the video, I was upset about non existing option to select desired tracks and zoom them in smaller increments than in 50% 100% 150 etc etc.
    So there IS an option to turn off SNAPPING THE TRACK HEIGHTS in the small triangle above the zoom slider.

so STEINBERG - I am deeply and trully sorry for blaming you in that particular problem. My fault. But I think, this option should be switched off by default IMHO.

Stop using plugins you use. I tried Melda and I understood I won’t need to feed my station with this and similar “flowers”. Therefore I bought NI Komplete 12 Ultimate CE and with some Waves and Cubase stock plugins I can make everything I need. So these poor plugins of questionable quality gone away from my sight. I encourage you to make decision. Not Cubase and not your hardware is bad, but the things you put into them both.

this does not deserves any clever reply. IK multimedia, Melda, Munited, AudioThing, famous McDSP etc. :smiley: :smiley: the same issues. And NI?? Till today still not resizable :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Waves not resizable till last month and full of epic bugs with the new UI … You are just a funny guy.

To cut things short, you can only hold Steinberg accountable for what’s inside thier circle of control. 3rd PTY plugins clearly aren’t so pls go to those vendors forums to complain about their behavior. This has nothing to do with Cubase.

To take a step into the (practically unnoticeable) 8K Screen Resolution world too early is a home made issue. We call that “bleeding edge”. The benefit of this questinable step (like sample rates of 192K, etc.) - if there is any - is by far overruled by the risks of being a “too early adoptor”.
That is the point about new technologies. Things that already exist take a while to catch up. Some never do.

guys I’m getting Neurolink surgery tomorrow, Cubase must be compatible by next weekend.

not true. VST2 and VST3 are registered a copyrighted Steinberg’s protocols. They should be so rigid, that there aren’t such problems. Don’t blame other companies for badly created programming enviroment with no unification. What more, plugins are the essence of DAW audioengineering. Btw. these bugs in the video are not problems from third party companies, because they work very well (as a VST) inside of all other DAWs, even in programs from Steinberg, like WaveLab, Spectra… etc. Theses bugs with graphics are here for about 4years in Cubase/Nuendo only (since they unified their engine and HiDPI). PLUS … this issue behavior (of shrinking plugins) is absolutely the same for all these plugins. So that is 100 % sure thing, there is not a problem on the 3rd compaines side but the Steinberg’s one.

And now with another graphic issues, like ghosting, lines inconsistency etc. which was just fine in previous versions (like Nuendo 10.3 or Cubase 10.5 which I both have)

king of demagogy. Congrats :wink:


I don’t have any of the problems you’ve shown on my C11? Both windows hdpi of 100 and 125 are fine on my screen with Cubase default settings
I’m on latest nvidia studio driveron 2560 * 1600 30” Dell monitor

watch the complete forum about the graphic issues here. There is not only me having these issues. Youtube video got 13 likes (and it is not public video) … so there are many many users having that issues. And I have problems like this from the begining of HiDPI support. Not only this ghosting of lines and pictures, which is new in Cubase 11. I run paralelly my Nuendo 10.3 and there are not that issues!! Issue is only this plugin shrinking - and the DPI doesn’t match windows 150% settings, but not ghosting and distorted lines - everything else is fine in Nuendo 10.3 and Cubase 10.5 (on two 32’ 4k screens 3840x2160 - Nvidia Quadro p4000)

Just in case anyone is having a similar issue…I installed a new Graphics Card over the weekend (GTX 1660 Super) and this morning Cubase 11 was full of graphical distortions. I just turned OFF image sharpening in the NVIDIA control panel and it all went back to normal.

Sharpening disabled here by default on Nvidia p4000 Quadro. Issues persists. And I have Nuendo 10.3 paralelly on my computer with the new Cubase 11 (only cubase 11 is causing these distorted and inconsistent lines.) But the plugins shrinking on 4K is the same from the version 9,5 cubase until todays update.