All Grayed Out Little Help Please

1st rule try before you buy so I figured $75 was ok , ( dummy says research 1st before buying ) so I installed it , opens up ok in a fresh new project . But i tried to open it in a existing project which is what i want it for but the Connect Pro options are all grayed out any help is appreciated and from reading all the messages looks like its hit or miss for working not something you want to experiment when hiring musician’s to work on tracks.

So i guess ill tinkle with it when i have spare time.

Any help appreciated ,


can you post a screen grab of the “all grayed out” ?

We don’t know anything about your environment, and ‘all greyed out’ is a bit vague too.
Do you have Cubase? Is there a menu entry ‘VST Cloud’, and under that, a menu ‘VST Connect PRO’? If so, try ‘Create VST Connect’ there and you should be good to go. If you still have problems let us know what you mean by ‘PRO options all greayed out’, also note that some options only become active when you are connected.

maybe the OP mean that the mixer within the connect plugin is greyed out, as it is before it has been connected to a performer?