All Guns Blazing


This tune is called All Guns Blazing and was recorded using C5.5.

The style is Trance meets Metal.

It’s about an assassin and was inspired by 1st person shooter video games.

Turn it up loud and turn the lights down low hahaha!

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed writing and recording it.


Well, that actually worked quite a bit better than I was expecting from the description!

Stylistically they are not natural bedfellows, but I think that you pulled it off.

The “talkie” parts felt a wee bit incongruous. I take it they were created specificly for the song(?) Actually maybe they were too conngruous?? Movie samples often work better because they only sort-of fit the music. [The three “downs” at 1:20ish being the worst offenders - to my humble and un-educated ears]

But hey: What do I know?



Yes I like that. Really like the guitars. :slight_smile:

I tend to agree. Perhaps the talking should have a more ‘news reel’ sound/style. Nit picking really though.