All HALion Sonic content included with HALion 4?

HALion 4 not only features quality tools of the likes of its unique morphing filter and FlexPhraser arpeggiator for intricate patterns, but also holds a total of 44 studio-grade effects that include the acclaimed REVerence convolution reverb with its comprehensive response library and compressors for high-dynamic audio processing of the vast sound library with over 1,600 sounds, including the complete HALion Sonic library plus exclusive HALion 4 content.

Does this mean that the entire HALion Sonic library comes with HALion 4? I have Hypersonic 2, so I could upgrade to HALion Sonic for $100. I also own HALion 3, so I could upgrade to HALion 4 for $100. So if this is true (that HALion 4 includes all the HALion Sonic content), there’s no reason for me to upgrade to HALion Sonic, correct?


there is just not information about update from hypersonic 2 … :wink:
the 99€ - update comes for halion sonic and halion 3

What I was saying is that I could upgrade to HALion Sonic from Hypersonic 2 (and possibly from HALion 3, I guess). So I’m eligible for $100 upgrades to either HALion Sonic or HALion 4, but if I get all of the HALion Sonic content with HALion 4, I can skip that upgrade. That was what I am trying to confirm.

“including the complete HALion Sonic library”

Yes, all HALion Sonic content is included in the HALion 4 library.

does this then make Halion sonic redundant? I’ve just upgraded to it, when i get halion 4 should i uninstall halion Sonic then?


Redundant in terms of the library, I suppose. Though, not knowing the full User Interface/Flow of HALion 4, HALion Sonic may be easier or faster to use for some people/tasks. I am not in any way saying that the UI/F in H4 is difficult (because I wouldn’t know, yet), but it does open up “everything” that the new HALion engine has to offer. :slight_smile:

For $99 (I believe that was the price tag mentioned) you can upgrade your HS to H4, and you can still continue using HS alongside, or you have the option of not installing/uninstalling it.

Whether you want to use both or just H4 is entirely up to you.

In the end I will have Halion One, Halion Sonic SE, Halion 3 and Halion 4. I think it’s a bit redundant…

I’m still using Halion One because Halion Sonic SE uses much, much, much more CPU to do the same sounds. Check the S90 piano on both, for example…

I hope Halion 4 is more optimized!

Just because SE is installed, you don’t have to use it. And if you have HALion 4, why use H3?

FYI, HALion Sonic is already using the HALion 4 engine.

Ok, we all have read that HS content will be included to Halion4. However many of us could not get a clear answer on this (I have the same issue as the 1st poster). Anyone from Steinberg to get this clear?

Hi everybody,

The full HALion Sonic library will be included in HALion 4 plus some extra sounds and instruments. But if you thinking about getting one or the other, your decision depends on what you would like to do. HALion Sonic is a full workstation for musicians and composer that can be used in the studio, at home or live on stage. HALion 4 is a more like a sound creation system with lots of features to design your own sounds and build instruments out of samples and synths. But since you already have a Hypersonic and a HALion 3 you know the differences. If you are just in for the library, go for H4 and you will get a few GB of additional content.


Thanks Matthias !

Any chance that buying HALion 4 would allow us to use the HALion Sonic content in HALion Sonic SE? Just wondering.

Just the answer I was looking for. I have Cubase 6, but I’d rather get HALion 4 so I have the option of creating my own instruments and sounds. Plus, the extra library files with HALion 4 would be nice. :slight_smile:

I’m not Cubase 6 user,so let me get this straight,since I’ve been using the various trials of cubase lately… i ALREADY OWN BOTH HALION SONIC + HALION 4 btw… but when I load up halion 4,I only get the halion sonic se basic content,which does not include the yamaha s90es piano… My question to ANYONE who would know is this, do I have to purchase cubase 6 for the s90es piano? Or is there a way to just buy the s90es or halion sonic se pro - which is halion one separate? WOW… Please someone clear all that up for me… thanks in advance…