All HUD items in Cubase Menu bar not working

NONE of the items that are under HUB in Cubase are working.

  • Forum
  • Check for updates
  • Community - Youtube / Facebook etc
  • Website

The only item that works is bringing up the HUD screen, which doesn’t work either.
So I am thinking something is related with eachother.

I just did a complete re-install, and deleted all the folders from Steinberg, but no luck.

Any suggestions?

I checked firewall, even disabled firewall etc, but no luck.


I was able to get the Hub menu working again.
Seems like in Windows 10 1903 update the Default browser setting is messed up.
My default was Chrome.
I switched it to Edge, and that worked. so I switched back to Chrome, and it still works.

The only problem is that the HUD itself is still not working. I tried it on a VM, and it’s working there, so it’s gotta be something with Windows 1903 or a setting somewhere…
Anyone any other suggestions ?