All I did was "REFORMAT" my computer....&..

Everything worked with Cubase as expected … :wink:

Should we agree that this procedure should be mandatory before any Cubase Install? … . as an unofficial mantra along the lines of “RTFM” :laughing:

it may save all of us in the forum …from a future plethora of pants posts. :blush: I miss the “old days” where most posts were “How or Why” rather that the current state of constant “debugging” of users pcs…IMHO this is the most stable version of cubase in years! …wheres the love?.

Ha ha I switched from Sonar to Cubase because Cubase is VASTLY MORE STABLE!

I’ve had the occasional crash–no software is perfect. But for me the MTBF* has been 2-3 months, and even when it fails I have yet to experience data loss or corruption.

(*Mean Time Between Failures)

I switched from Ableton because of 64-bit support, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the increased stability I’ve gained as well.

I also switched from Sonar a little over a week ago, but it wasn’t so much for stability but for specific features found in Cubase that are broken (or non-existant) in Sonar. I couldn’t be happier with this decision. Cubase has been incredible and it seems like a well thought out DAW. I can’t say the same about most of the features found in Sonar, which seem incomplete or even broken (i.e. Audio Snap 2, V-Vocal, MP64 and LP64 plugins, Video Support, ACT, etc).

I had my first Cubase crash a few days ago, but I think it was due to having Sonar opened in the background. As soon as I port my most important projects, I will reformat my computer and only install Cubase. No more Sonar, nor Studio One in this machine :slight_smile:

Nice to hear something…

… nice :smiley:

Cubase pretty much rocks solid for many years now. Problems appear, when users are not willing to sail around the given quirks. Change your DAW and you will change the quirks, but they’ll still be there. It seems that fortunately we are getting patches more often now, keep on going Steinberg!

For me since C4

I think a clean install of Windows is a great idea. I always do that for PCs. For laptops it’s harder because they require many specialized drivers.