All I get is the red CON led. No sound. Followed the manual!

Today I was testing vst connect se and performer for the first time, and it didn’t run as expected. I was just going to test it to see if it is working, since I am going to have a recording session this weekend and need everything to work by then.

For the purpose of the test I installed vst connect performer on my computer, and on the other end is my dads computer with latest version of cubase pro 8. I used teamviewer to control my dads computer.

On my end there was a UR44 and on my dad’s end a UR824.

I opened a project on my dads computer and created a few sampletracks, all in all 4 tracks with some drums, guitar and so on. I looped 4 bars. I then created and opened vst connect se according to the manual. After that I set up a proper cue mix where every channel got sent to vst connect at a value of 0 db (i.e. default value).

I then connected my vst performer on my computer entering the password provided by my dad’s computer. I was connected and could see myself through my webcam. I then noticed that vst performer on my end had a red light shining in the “led” light in the upper middle field. The led is called CON (as in connect??)
It was constant red. When playing back on my dad’s computer there was no sound, and nothing indicating that the playback was on. It should show in my performer window on what bar the playback is on at my dad’s end! I tried to turn some of the knobs in the vst connect window on my dad’s end, and the knobs were moving accordingly on my end in the vst performer window. But no sound and a constant red “CON” light.

What did I do wrong?

Sorry to reply that late, subscription notification doesn’t appear to work for me anymore.
Anyway, I don’t think it’s a good idea to run TeamViewer and VST Connect concurrently. It might work but I wouldn’t bet on it, and in your case it probably gets in the way. You may try to increase latencies on both ends, and increase the VST Connect Remote Latency time too, but even then it might well fail to work in this constallation, sorry.

Thanks for the reply anyway! Yes it seems my bandwith was cluttered with traffic. I tried it again with a friend, and we actually got as far as he could hear my mix (I was the “host” and he was the “slave”), but when he played his guitar all I heard was a burping farting sound, which I think was because of slow internet connection. Does the conditions really have to be super perfect for this to work? We both did speedtests and several other bandwith tests and both of us had a really fast connection according to the tests. We both have a 100/100 mbit connection.

No, actually it works with almost every network connection. Even 256kBit upstream is sufficient. If the Performer can hear the playback un-interrupted, I would assume that either his upstream rate is very low which is very unlikely given your tests, or his interface settings are too low latency (you didnt mention if you and/or your father are on Windows or OSX). Also make sure that ASIO Guard is off, it keeps getting in the way and try to increase Remote Latency. And of course check that his audio upstream rate is set to some reasonable value (try 128 kBit).
Hope that helps.

Thanks! We are both on PC’s and Windows. Great tip with turning asio guard off and that the latency settings might be too low. I’ll give it another try!