All I Want For Christmas

All I want for Christmas is that with HiDPI selected I can use my Monitor with the scaling at 150%. I can do this in Ableton Live, Reaper 6 and Studio One 4.6 (Although in S1 definition on the vertical grid lines is not brilliant).

My monitor is a Dell U2715H, 27”, Definition 2560 X 1440 ( QHD) Quad HD Basically means 4 times as many pixels as 720.
I am a long time Cubase user and would like to remain so however since the introduction of Cubase 10 my options are extremely limited. With HiDPI switched off I have a blurry screen which is not only bad for my already failing eyesight but is extremely tiring. With HiDPI switched on and my scaling set at 150%on Cubase drops it to 100% which almost requires a magnifying glass to read it. If I switch to 175% scaling Cubase ups it to 200% which takes most of the real estate off the screen.

Cubase/Steinberg are aware of the problem and have promised that it is being given High Priority. Apart from being a paying customer I have been forced to switch to another usable DAW at extra cost in my case Studio One. No I am not going to enter in comparisons of which DAW is better or not as this is not the issue.

Suffice to say I would like to be able to continue using Cubase and yes I would like to update to 10.5. Neither option at the moment is possible.
Wishing all the staff at Steinberg a Happy Christmas and here’s hoping that some of you can make mine the same.

Kind regards,


PS I have commented on and taken the HiDPI survey thread.