All I want is stability for Cubase 9...

I usually buy every Cubase version as soon as its available and I always regret it when I get bugs upon bugs and crashing. Im not buying Cubase 9 until I hear reviews and feedback of other user if its solid and worth buying or unstable like every other version before it.

@Steinberg… Why are you guys spending so much time and resources packing more and more features into an unstable DAW instead of making the DAW solid so users can actually enjoy the features? Makes no sense to me but to each his own. Everytime Cubase crash on me Persons Studio One 3 looks better and better. No wonder Cubase is a major DAW that true professionals in the industry don’t use because even though its a beast its hard to get actual work done in it.

I take back everything I asked for on the survey… no new sounds, no new effects, no new instruments, NOTHING!!! All I want is a stable DAW.

For me it is pretty stable but I have had problems using the new integrated WaveLab feature. It’s a little better with the latest Cubase update but I am still having some issues.