All in the name of progress


Just upgraded to cubase 9 from 8.5. I’m a long term cubase user.

I’ve been progressively migrating to 64 bit plugs for years. Was happy with the “concept” of a 64 bit only platform - it would hopefully bring further rigor and give me assurance that my plugs where behaving properly - especially in regard record latency etc.

I was however, mystified to find that many of my 64 bit Steinberg plugins have broken - been blacklisted - and now they no longer work in 8.5 either. These are still available for purchase in the Steinberg shop!

Have I done something stupid or are these now EOL?

Dark Planet, VST 2, 64 Bit
Hypnotic Dance, VST 2, 64 Bit
Neo Soul Keys, VST 2, 64 Bit
Padshop, VST 2 64 Bit
Symphonic Orchestra, VST 2, 64 Bit
Tribwerk, VST2 64 Bit

Likewise, Reverence is now complaining that its lost its impulse files - in both 9 and 8.5.

How to resolve? Any help much appreciated.

Brendan McLearie


You can use VST 3 plug-in version of these plug-ins in Cubase 9. Or you can use it as a library in HALion Sonic SE 2 or SE 3, which is part of Cubase 9.

Thanks Martin.

I managed to resolve all issues by re-installing the plugins. The VST 3.x versions were then discovered by the plug-in manager and are now registered.