All insert slots should be post fader (there is youtube vid)


I have a basic problem.
I couldn’t find this in manual, youtube or forum etc…

My problem is here:

Thank you :slight_smile:

The last 2 slots are post fader

if you want a pre-1st-insert gain, use the ‘pre’ section. if you need gain staging between the inserts, use a free gain plugin, like

Thank you for answer. :slight_smile: But I need to other slots. Can’t we change from any settings?

Thank you my friend. I will try this. Then, we can’t change any slots (post or pre) from any settings. Is it true?

Why? Been that way for decades so there must be a good reason. What are you doing wrong? :mrgreen:

Just route your track into a new group. You have 256 of them! Don´t hesitate to use some of them… :smiley:

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This is big mixing secret. I can’t tell you he he :smiley:

it’s a joke :laughing: I need to second or 3. etc slot for compressor. EQ cut, Compressor, EQ boost, reverb, limiter. This is OK. But, some channel did not fit :slight_smile:


Today, you are my hero :smiley: Thank you very much my friend :slight_smile: It is working :slight_smile:) But doesn’t make sense. Why can’t we make this? Maybe, I don’t want to open group track. 100 track and for each track 1 group channel. = 200 :slight_smile: (extreme example) Whatever…

Thank you for your help guys (good guys :stuck_out_tongue: )
See you later. :slight_smile:

the gain plugins are quite useful for this (like i mentioned, the sonalksis is excellent, has precise peak/rms metering, too). the ensuing issue however is, that soon you run out of insert slots, so you may end up with a group channel anyway.

i have to hope SB implements ‘unlimited’ # of inserts in the next cubendo iteration.

Obviously you are using too many inserts. Steinberg did careful analysis of mixing process, and figured that 6 pre inserts is more than enough for any pro work, no way one could ever need more than 6. If you need more than 6 pre inserts, you are obviously doing something wrong. :slight_smile:

If you need more than 6 pre inserts, you are obviously doing something wrong.

He doesn’t need more than 6 pre inserts…he wants more than 2 post fade inserts.

So use an FX channel… Or a Group channel…
Someone already said it I think…

Would this work?
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I downloaded my friend. I try it. Thank you for everything :slight_smile: