All kinds of issues with Cubase 7.0.7 suddenly


I’ve been running Cubase 7.0.7 pro for a while and generally it’s been stable, however of late it’s been having issues.

These are primarily to do with the UI suddenly not responding. For example, clicking on the left hand pane controls won’t open up the accordion, mixer will open but I can’t access sends/inserts/routing etc.

In addition, I was doing some recording last night and half way through the take it suddenly stopped recording - the track kept playing, the channel was still highlighted in red, but it stopped drawing in the waveform and didn’t capture the second half of it. When I reviewed what it had recorded, there were timing issues where it would suddenly go out of sync. Processor load seemed ok and plenty of disk space.

I’m assuming that there won’t be any more maintenance updates to 7 now. Anyone come across any of this, it’s really frustrating.

I’m on a PC, Win8.1 (up to date), NI Komplete Audio 6 (up to date), Core i7, 32Gb ram, SSD.