All Licenses gone

I never thought this would happen to me although you often read about people’s bad luck with donlges. Now it’s my turn.
Out of the blue my Steinberg key carries no more licenses. Gone is Cubase 6 and so are all the KORG softsynths. Does anyone have an idea beyond filling out a support request?

thank you

Before panicking, the more likely cause is a problem with the eLicenser software, than with the dongle itself. Try re-installing the (latest) eLicenser software.
Also, does the dongle light up, as normal? Try plugging it into a different USB socket.

Thank you, vic_france, for your reply.
I uninstalled eLicenser Software and installed the latest version. After starting the eLicenser Control Center again the online synchronisatikon process started. This did not solve the problem. Dongle still empty.

Yes, the dongle lights up as normal.

Then I plugged it into a different USB socket. Dongle lights up as normal. I started Conctrol Center and the online synchronisatikon process started again. This time it took longer and then came the message that there was a communication error while trying to contact the license servers. I was asked to download the latest version of…uhm…the eLicenser Control Center.
Can I panick now?

What platform are you running? (I’m on Mac here… maybe someone on PC can offer further advice)… are you certain you uninstalled it completely (not just the eLicenser app)? Try to uninstall again, then shut down then reboot the computer before re-installing.
I would still be surprised it is the dongle itself, especially if you have never moved it. (if it is indeed the dongle, so long as you are registered with a MySteinberg account, you should be o.k. for getting your Steinberg licenses back, but I’m afraid that won’t help as regards your Korg licenses).

Thank you.
I am using a Mac Pro (2009), OS 10.6.8. I uninstalled with the official uninstaller that comes with Control Center.
I just un- and re-installed again with an inbetween reboot like you suggested. It didn’t help.

Hopefully I will get the license replaced. If it is true what you said about the Korg plug ins, I will go berzerk. I already paid to use this software. This is certainly not the copy protection paying customers have deserved.

Try repairing permissions.

With this “online synchronization” being a new thing, I would recommend you do indeed fill out a support request. (keep us informed… we feel your pain :wink: )

If this is the Korg legacy synths, they no longer use dongle protection you just get a new activation from

Thanks for your replies.

I tried this first.With no luck at all.

I did so and will report back.

Yes, the Legacy ones. Phew, that’s why I just realised they still work with the Steinberg Key being empty.

And suddenly the licenses are back.
Several USB ports and the internal bluetooth device did not work. System Profiler couln’t find them as if they had been removed. This morning they are there again. Strange.

Well that’s good news as regards your licenses anyways (although it’s a bit like your dentist saying, “your teeth are fine, but your gums are going to have to come out”! :stuck_out_tongue: )