All Logic X Color Palette FREE Download!

Hi everybody! I have been very disappointed in the color palette in Cubase for quite some time now, definitely needs to be redesigned IMHO. So until then I spent the time to re create Logic 10`s color palette. I added a few more colors too. Now everyone can have the same. Enjoy!!
Logic Color (9.72 KB)
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thanks for doing this.

Aloha G,

What a lot of great work!
A major mahalo to you giftmusic for doing this.

Wish you could add a number to each colour tho’.

Thanks guys!, I thought about naming all the colors but whats the point. The palette is what is important

Maybe one of the people who enjoyed the palette could edit names into the fields and re-upload? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or you could rename yourself :wink:

Wonderful set of colours - thank you!

thank you.

is this what logic’s is sorted like? it looks a little unusual, as though arbitrary colour entries were inserted between the correct ones?

I was surprised how dark they are. I need some sparkle in my life and will continue to use the palette that was made available to us forum users a few months ago, iro 2.0.