All MIDI channels share the same Audio Inserts and Sends Settings?

This isn’t the end of the world but more of a curiosity. Cubase 10 pro. I have a MIDI track with MIDI channel 1 assigned to an instance of Omnisphere. I decided I wanted to add some effects to it. Plopped them into the Audio Insert slots and everything was great. I then decide to create another MIDI track. I assign this one to MIDI channel 2 of the same instance of Omnisphere. As I’m creating my sound I realize that I’m hearing effects. Sounds like the exact same ones I had on the first MIDI track. Open up the Audio Sends and sure enough, they are there. I hit the bypass button on both effects, then decide to look at my first MIDI track. Both bypass buttons are now highlighted on the first track as well. Basically it appears I can’t have different audio inserts on different MIDI tracks that share the same instance of a VSTi. I created an FX track and used Audio Send to see if that behaved any differently but it didn’t. Same Audio send was on both MIDI tracks.

This kind of defeats one of the purposes of using one instance of a VSTi if I can’t have different effects or sends for each individual track. Where it isn’t the end of the world is I know once I bounce these down to audio without any effects I can then use all the inserts or sends I want and they will behave how I would expect. But I’m wondering if I’m missing something here. A search of the forums and google isn’t turning up any similar hits which makes me think I’m missing something or else I would expect more people to have brought this up. I RTFM and that also did not shine light on this issue.

Any info or suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you so much GiovanniB. That was just what I was looking for. I really appreciate the help!