All MIDI hangs after disabling "track record enable"

Hello everyone.

I have a really weird bug happening that’s driving me mad (+ on the positive side I have pressing deadlines and creative directors are literally knocking on the door). So anytime I click on the red circle for “track record enable” within Cubase (latest 9.0.30) and then disable it, Kontakt (5.6.8) hangs.

Also, this happens with synths and other software instruments (for instance MIDI sending out information to hardware synths works fine!). Downloading a fresh Cubase installer but my hair gets greyer and greyer… has anyone else experienced something similar? I am on Mac, Sierra 10.12. Thanks!

Is there a way for me to access projects logs and see what actually happens?

Use midi monitor plugin to see what is last sent - could help tracing it.

Unclear if you do it while playing back or not - but either way monitor has a button to only show live events or played back events.

First I come to think is some setting regarding if to reset all controller on stop and similar - does the same thing happend doing frequent starts and stops?

Good luck.

Thanks for the input! Sorry for the slow reply - I received assistance in the ScoreCast community and people suggested I delete all Cubase preferences - that cleared the error.

Still unsure what caused it, but good thing is I managed to finish in time for the deadlines.