"All Midi Input" - doesn't function properly Cubase LE 5

I’m using a microphone with a vst plugin (“midiAudioToCC” by Insert Piz Here) to function as a breath controller. My instrument is Zebra 2.

I have two tracks, one for the synth, and one for the mic. The mic uses the vst effect to convert the signal to MIDI. All of this works perfectly.

The problem comes when routing the vst to the instrument, zebra. One can change MIDI input for the instrument, zebra on some bar towards the left side.

My options are:

1.) Insert: midiAudioToCC
2.) USB Midi Cable (goes to my keyboard, typical controller)
3.) All Midi Input

This basically means: A, B, or A and B

Obviously, I need the third option to work as I want to be able to manipulate zebra with a keyboard and the breath controller. HOWEVER, when I select the third option, it ignores the insert. Basically options 2 and 3 listed above are the same. The breath controller works successfully if I select 1, but this is obviously not very useful to me as I need to be manipulating pitch, velocity, etc. with the keyboard at the same time.

What is wrong?

The ALL refers to the Midi tracks output.

That’ s a different “ALL” that in addition refers to channels, not ports.
@OP:“all MIDI inputs” refers to physical ports, not VSTi outputs, AFAIK. And if it doesn’ t, then there is a setup page, where you can assign which ports should be included / not included in “all MIDI inputs”

Ok, yeah, there is a place where you can choose what goes as All MIDI inputs, but like you said, it only deals with physical MIDI. Seems kind of ridiculous to me. Just seems like this should be really simple… Can you think of any way around this?

Is this a limitation in cubase or just specifically cubase le? or what?


Use a 2nd MIDI Track, connect its input to the keyboard, output to Zebra…!?

bump. Also, could you elaborate? I’m not even using a midi track currently… Just an audio track and an instrument track. I’m not even sure what that will attempt to solve… Because in the end, I still have to select between one or the other, right?


Okay. I think I understand what you are getting at, but here are my problems…

Any new MIDI track has only these inputs:

  • not connected
    -all MIDI inputs
    -audio 01: ins. 1 AudioToCC
    -USB MIDI cable

And these outputs:
-not connected
-Microsoft GS wavetable synth
-USB MIDI cable

And input for the instrument (zebra):

  • not connected
  • all MIDI inputs
  • audio 01: ins. 1 - AudioToCC
  • USB MIDI cable

Sorry, forgot LE 5 doesn´t have the instrument rack, only instrument tracks for VSTIs, so my idea is not possible with LE 5…