All Midi inputs - separate channels problem

Hi All

I am trying to sort out a MIDI routing issue - am creating a new template 'cos I’ve just added a new Roland JD-Xi into my system. That’s OK but I don’t understand how to get things on separate MIDI channels. Everything (Kawai master keyboard piano, Yamaha electric drums and new Roland) is stuck on all MIDI inputs. I would like to specify a channel for the drums at least.

The help files says:-

“In ‘All MIDI Inputs’
When you record MIDI in Cubase, you can specify which MIDI input each recording MIDI track uses. However, you can also select the “All MIDI Inputs” option, which causes any MIDI data from any MIDI input to be recorded.
This column lets you specify which inputs are included when you select “All MIDI Inputs” for a MIDI track. This can be especially useful if your system provides several instances of the same physical MIDI input - by deactivating the duplicates you make sure only the desired MIDI data is recorded.”

I can either have this off or on but can’t take it any further - grateful for any help


This is about (physical or virtual) MIDI ports, not MIDI channels. Filtering MIDI channels at input is done withe the input transformer.