All MIDI notes are snapping to the start of the event when I stop recording

Recently upgraded from Cubase to Nuendo 11. I must have a feature on I’m not familiar with.

When I record MIDI notes, as soon as I stop recording, ALL the notes immediately snap to the start of the event, stacked on top of each other as though I played them as a chord. They also change their length to match the current quantize length. So no matter how long I hold a note, they quantizes to 1/4 bar if that’s what is set.

What I’ve ruled out:
•quantize is off
•auto quantize is off
•step input is off
•no chord track
•“live input” in inspector is off
•no drum map

I’ve installed the latest nuendo 11.0.30, still an issue.

I am still having the issue. I have uploaded a video demonstrating the problem:

There isn’t audio in the video, but you can see that the notes snap to the start of the recording, and snap to a set length regardless of the note or length I play the note for!

I would be greatful for help.