All midi notes the same note -Logical Editor-


I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out (if it’s possible) a logical editor preset or if there is shorcut already for this, “make every not the same note?”

For example, I have a a string ostinato and I want to copy that osinato ryhthm to the snare part, but then of course I have to make every snare note the same midi note because a snare only works on c3 for example… so I’m wondering if I can make a shorcut to like drag the beginning midi note to the right midi note I need like c3, and then every other note transforms to c3 as well whlst maintaing its rhytmic value. Is this possible anyone?

Thanks! :smiley:


Select the MIDI Notes in the new part (then the Logical Editor Preset will be applied to these - selected - events).

Set the Logical Editor Preset:
Event Is > Equal > Note

Vakue 1 (Pitch) > Set to fix Value > D3

C3 is Kick; D3 is Snare in most cases.

You can also do this without the Logical Editor :wink:
In the Key Editor, select the notes.
Go up to the Info Line, either hold down the CTRL key (or CMD key on Mac) while you scroll through the Note Value field, or enter it as text and hold down the CTRL key while you hit the Return Key. :wink:

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Thanks guys! This is perfect. <3

Good one, thanks!