All My Instruments Automatically Pan to Left Speaker

No matter what project I open up, past or present, ALL my VST instruments after a few seconds, pan to the left speaker only. And when I click and drag it back, after some time it goes RIGHT back to the left speaker. Any help would be appreciated on this issue. Thanks

It pans in the VST it self, Kontat or Labs. Not cubase.

You’re saying there’s no automation in Cubase on those tracks?

What do you see visually when this happens?

Yeah, there’s no automation. I even started a fresh cubase project, whenever I load up a VST it pans to the left inside the VST it self.

Visually, when I’m playing, after I click and try and pan it ot the middle, it grabs it and takes it back to the left speaker in the VST.

Do you have a cat?

Nothing to see in the Cubase mixer?

Also I’m getting a lot of popping and crackling in my sound.

I do have a cat…

What version of Cubase? OS? ect

Move the cat to the other side. Does that fix it?

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No, i see nothing in the mixer, everything is centered and stuff.
The only thing i did, I clicked CTRL and Clicked my volume knobs in the mixer to reset all my sounds to zero.

Are you just getting started in Cubase, or are you a veteran user?

I have cubase Artist 12

I’ve been working with Cubase for 3 years, Never had this issue.

Could you express the issue in the format given in the link below, to make it easy to understand? (and in doing so you might actually reveal the cause) How to format a bug report

So this Just started today, I launched Cubase as normally.

  1. Launched a project I’ve been working on.

  2. Reset all my Mix console faders to zero. (holding CTRL and clicking on the separate fader volumes)

  3. After that, all loaded VST instruments as well as newly loaded all went automatically to pan left.

  4. When I try and back it back to center, it automatically goes back to pan left.

  5. I’m noticing more crackling and popping in my VST instruments than normal.

Hopefully this helps.

If this helps at all. You can see my routing, maybe that’s it? and the history of it panning itself.

Are you really sure there’s no automation in the project? How did you check?

Anyway, your repro sequence doesn’t match what you’re showing in the image.

You wrote that the panning happens “inside the VST”? So not in the Cubase mixer, the channel pan stays in the center? Could it be some MIDI data from a MIDI controller? Which VSTi are we talking about here? Multiple or just the one?
Does this happen on a completely new project as well?

Try to disconnect all your controllers.
I had some similar thing when my NI Komplete Kontrol 32 keyboard started to send random MIDI data. Had to send it in for repair …

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