All my licenses gone !


I have license of lots of Steinberg products such Halion 5, Retrologue and Triebwerk. All of them shows correctly in ‘My Steinberg page’. However today all licenses gone from my Elicenser pen drive, and i can’t use the products anymore.

As always, i can’t find where i can really contact support on Steinberg’s site ; usually i’m redirected to a local guy in my country (Brazil) that takes weeks to reply.

How can i recover my licenses ? I need to use the products !


After further research, it seem the number of my eLicenser pen drive somehow has changed, it’s not the same number that is on ‘My Steinberg’ page. Why did this happen ? What should i do to recover my licenses ?

Nevermind, the problem was a faulty USB hub :unamused:

just experienced the same, in my case unplugging the dongle and putting it back fixed this … got me worried though about this protection system; bought a lot of Steinberg stuff so far … -