All my macros suddenly disappeared

Hi there,

All my macros suddenly have disappeared.
I just installed Soothe and a did a quick windows update.

What could have caused this and how could i get them back ?

The strange thing is that all my shortcuts are still there.

Thanks for your help !

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What is Soothe?

Soothe is an audio treatment plugin made and distributed by Oeksound.

My CMC shortcuts and port settings had disappeared. Took my settings from previous install and copied them over.

Are you sure they are actually gone, and that the lower pane of the Key Commands dialog is just not expanded?

Yes, I’m looking all the way down and all I got is the default macros Cubase provides.
Is there any folder or way to retrieve them ? The update concerned windows and not Cubase. Thanks

The macros reside in the Key Commands xml file. I imagine something else caused this, as windows updates and VST installations don’t touch that directory. (I’m referring to the User Settings Folder).

Do you have a backup of that folder?

Sorry I couldn’t answer sooner as my internet was cut. All the shortcuts disappeared the next day. I took a chance to save them before but they were flushed away. The shortcut available lists disappeared as well. Now, all the logical editor presets are greyed out and the ones i created also disappeared.
Unfortunately I don’t have any back up. I will definitely copy one asap.

Where does the key commands xml file stands ?

in the User Settings Folder. see

Thank you Steve.

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