All my notes are doubles!! HELP

Please help.

Ok - No matter which plugin I use every note played and recorded is a double note (just like having Local Control on) producing that annoying flange efect.
I’ve tried evrey thing I can think of to stop this.
The ‘’ input routing ‘’ is not set to All Midi Inputs but is set to the correct Midi input.

My Midi box is an M-Audio midisport 4x4 Aniversary.

Aslo delete doubles doesn’t do anything.

Any Advice would be really appreciated.

Just can say I have this problem as well. Think to remember I’ve solved it somehow in the past but hardly touch midi so I simply forgot :laughing:

But there is a solution!

Unfortunaltely deleting doubles does not work correctly:

Maybe we need a request for “Delete Doubles by PPQ”…

@thelord4444, are you using a MIDI keyboard connected via MIDI (DIN) cables, or via USB?

I had such double notes problem, it was caused by double driver, at the same time MME and DX. Keep just one midi driver type. In my case this double driver also caused many crashes, even pressing few midi notes on keyboard would crash Cubase randomly.
Also, instead recording from “all inputs”, saelect specific input to record from.

It can happen with two MIDI drivers active, or by a MIDI keyboard that is sending information on 2 channels at the same time.