All my rhythm slashes are bass clefs!

OMG! I just updated my Mac OS to Big Sur (which Dorico said it supports) and when I opened a current project all my rhythm slashes have been changed to bass clef symbols!! WTF?!?! I updated Dorico to 3.5.12. I restarted the computer. I’m at a loss.
I’m also uploading the Dorico file in hopes that someone here can help??

Just you Just Me.dorico (927.2 KB)

AAAAAAHHHHH!!! It happened in an already finished project!

Just Walkin Along.dorico (1.1 MB)

It’s clearly some kind of display or music font issue because EVERYTHING, ALL my Dorico projects are displaying rhythm slashes this way. HELP!?

Yep, definitely a font issue - your project’s fine here. If you go to Font Book, find Bravura, then click the “I” in the top left corner, which version shows up? And are there duplicates showing up in the left panel?

Here’s what mine looks like:

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Yes, multiple copies

Right. If you right-click on one of them and click Resolve Duplicates, does Font Book do something sensible? I can’t remember the last time I had this problem so I’m not entirely sure what it does here, but the end goal is to only have one Bravura - plus Bravura Text - and Bravura should, I think, be v1.39. The alternative to using Resolve Duplicates is to hang onto Bravura v1.39 (and whatever the latest version of Bravura Text is) and delete the others.

I expect once you’ve fixed that and rebooted the computer again, your slashes will be back to normal.

I selected Resolve Automatically and the warning went away… viola! Issue resolved! Thank you pianoleo!


Great - so glad you’re back up and running :slight_smile:

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Except! Now the slash regions all have stems?

Sounds like you’ve still ended up with the wrong version of Bravura. Which version is currently installed, according to Font Book?

Bravura Ver 1.216. Bravura Text 1.39

Right. Bravura ought to be 1.39. See Ornament misplacement - #7 by dspreadbury for instructions - the place to download from is bravura/redist at master · steinbergmedia/bravura · GitHub

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Thanks so much! But confusing. I don’t speak computer code. Is there somewhere on that page that says “download bravura?”

If you click on the OTF folder, then Bravura.otf, there’s a download button on the right hand side. Here’s a direct link to that file:

That did it! Good night, and good writing!