All my student are dissaponted in this feature

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  1. In previous version of Cubase (Cubase 5) If you have 40 tracks and you are in the mixer, if you want to drug and drop a plugin from first track to the last one it was easy. I drag a plugin to the edge of the mixer and the mixer will scroll to the its end. And you can drop a plugin in the place. Right now Cubase 8’ mixer doesn’t scroll.
  2. In Cubase 5 there was E button on a send. If you press it, your Reverb plugin (first plugin on FX track) will apear. Right now you don’y have this option anymore
  3. Cubase 8 has too strong and ‘acid’ colors. It’s great for EDM music but it is bad for working on rock music. Look at Pro Tools or even Cubase 5. There were much softer collors.
  4. Playlists or as you call them lanes. It was enjoying them in Cubase 5. For example. I recorded three lanes. I decided that the second part of third take is great. So I delete the first part of it. And second take will be playing in this gap. If I mute the second take, the fist take will be playing in this gap. It was great. Right now if you mute the second take nothing will be sounding in this gap. So bring back this feature.

And THE MOST IMPORTANT!!! :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:
Change pop-up buttons on the mixer. I have an idea how to. Put in the preferencies the second way of working with them. Create it like in Pro Tools. Any pop-up buttons! Let’s use Ctrl+Click on the name of a plugin to swhitch it off or to bypass it. That’s it! We have thousends of people who suffering from pop-up buttons. It’s too slow and you can’t hit them. I am a teacher in a sound school. And all my students are not pleased with this feature.
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To your point #2:
Near the top of each track in the mixconsole is an “E” button that, when pressed, will bring up the edit channel setting panel where you can add/change vsts for that track. Or if you click and hold that “E” button it brings up your vst for editing.

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Did you read wehat I typed? I said E button on a send.There is no E button for a send anymore

For #4, look in preferences at Editing->audio and tick the box that says “treat muted audio events like deleted”.
See if that fixes it.

It may be dangerous to drug and drop too often.

I guess I missread it. I thought I saw the word “mixer” in there… somewhere? Sorry.

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  1. Would be nice (make a Feature Request…?)
  2. Right-click on the send you want to see and choose ‘Edit Effect…’ from the context menu
  3. You can make your own colours of course; but if you can’t be bothered, or don’t want to, then you could try adjusting your computer monitors overall Display Settings (Hue and Saturation for example - go easy; a little makes a big difference…!)
  4. Using the new ‘Comp Tool’ by any chance…? Working a treat here. Yes, a lot has changed from Cubase 5…!
  5. Agreed - pop-up buttons everywhere do try ones patience on occasion…!

Good luck.! Hope you’re calm in front of your students… :wink:

Re: Colors. There is a setting to make the colors less vivid. I can’t tell you where it is since I’m not at the machine and still can’t run Cubase with my eyes closed. I do wish the program had better coloring and skinning features available as presets.

Re: 2. In Cubase 5 there was E button on a send. If you press it, your Reverb plugin (first plugin on FX track) will apear. Right now you don’y have this option anymore

Select the tracks you’d like to apply insert effects or route to sends and quick link those tracks. Now you can apply the same effect to all those tracks, or send them all to the same destination – group, fx channel, and so on. To open the editor for a plug-in, just click its slot and it opens.

This reminds me of a catchy Paul McCartney song… :laughing:

No no no no… :mrgreen:

From what I’ve read is that you can no longer Drag and Drop plugins in the mixer with CP 8. I would be patient. Steinberg will fix this issue. Just like it did other issues in the past. Remember the option click, reset EQ in the edit channel which was fixed.

It’s an important feature. It makes no sense for them to remove this. On Mac it’s option +click+ drag and drop plugin where you like in the mixer. I can’t confirm this for CP8 but it’s still working on 7.5…

Why break things in the first place? After more than 25 years of doing this you’d think they’d stop breaking stuff by now!!!

But that doesn’t work clicking on the ‘slots’ for the Sends, the OP’s main complaint at this point (for Inserts, yes - what you say is true…). But, as I’d said, if you Right-Click on the send level (slot) you’ve set up, you can then choose ‘Edit Effect…’ from the context menu, to get to the specific plugins UI.

Ok, not quite as elegant as a dedicated button I’d agree - but pretty good. :slight_smile:

I think you can also Alt/Double Click on the send slot.


Exactly. Works for me.

Well, well… thanks guys… :wink:

Though, wish this wasn’t yet another method needed to be remembered by the user… anyway, Double-click I like - can I change that ALT requirement from anywhere…? And why can’t this, be for the Inserts as well… you know, one method…?

Ok, have a choice of ways to do stuff sure (as Options) - but when chosen, they should work across the app

/friday moan


Wow. I totally agree on the pop up buttons. Way to slow!!! I had to add a controller so I could push buttons to turn them off. The pop up buttons were driving me crazy :angry: and still do!! Your suggestion is a great idea. I would be good with that or just putting the e button back :smiley: