All Non-Cubase Computer Audio Not playing.

When Cubase is open all other audio on my computer (Windows 8) is muted. This includes internet pages, itunes and games. The only way to “un-mute” my computer audio is to completely close Cubase and refresh/restart all audio sources. This is a major inconvenience, I have searched through all Cubase settings and can not seem to find an option to turn this Cubase setting off. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

in cubase click on “Devices”, select “Device setup” from the drop down menu, (it will be right at the bottom), select “VST Audio systems”, tick or untick “Release driver when Application is in Background”

Cant remember if you tick or untick it as I am not at my PC. but this should help. hopefully

This worked! Thank you so much!

its all good!!