All notes visibility for Chord Pads

Hello guys,

How to enable the visibility of all notes on the keyboard to see what notes go into the chord?


I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand what do you want. The selected F chord consists of F-A-C notes, as you can see on the keyboard.

Notes on the keyboard we can only see “C1-C2-C3” how can we see all?


Would you expect to highlight the F-A-C notes on all octaves? Why? From the music theory it doesn’t make sense at all.

This is not possible in Cubase.

Cause not everybody has the time to study music theory. It is possible to see all notes on the keypad in other (less sophisticated) Daws


Luckyli Cubase knows the music theory so it helps you even if you don’t study the theory.

It is limited. this is what I meant about the keyboard view


So for example F7 chord is displayed as C-Eb-F-A-C-Eb-F-A-C-Eb-F-A-…? But this is not F7, this is F7/C chord. As I said, Cubase knows the music theory, so if you ask for C-Eb-F-A chord, Cubase would show F7/C chord.

This was an example of a layout showing all the keys on the keyboard. On the first picture I have posted, it is not showing the other notes on the highlighted keys. Only C3 is visible. Seeing all the notes not only C would be very useful. It either could be by default all notes or only on the highlighted. Both options would be useful.


Oh, I see… You mean the Key names. So you want to see the name at all keys, like C3, D3, E3, etc., right? No, this is not possible to show them all.

Yes , that’s what I meant.

Don’t know if you haven’t noticed it but it is the alphabet: a b C d e f g
I don’t think you need to know music theory, just the alphabet is enough.

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