All of a sudden Direct recording is grayed out

Direct recording is all of a sudden grayed out and not an option. It’s always been available my interface UR-RT4. Also, and this may be a part of it when using amplitude or any other VST I hear my direct guitar sound, unless I crank up the levels on the input and the channel. Just started today.

What exactly is your problem? Maybe two issues?
Do you mean direct monitoring?

Very confusing description!

Yes I guess two issues. Can’t help but feel they’re related. 1) Direct monitoring is greyed out, has always been an option that I actually use 2) Usually when my guitar is connected to the RT4 I hear it’s direct input until I start cubase then the direct sound cuts out only to turn in to the amplified sound once amplitude is loaded. But now I hear the direct input even as I load up a project and then amplitude. This happens on a bus or channel, it’s almost like the effect is just an after thought. If I crank up the level on the channel the direct sound almost goes away entirely.

I’m an idiot I had to reinstall Cubase and forgot to install the tools for the UR-RT,…