All of a sudden: Halion SE and MIDI timing problems?

Hi - Rock solid system running 7.5.40 to date (specs below), including for weeks after upgrading to Windows 10.

This weekend though - complete weirdness. Opening a project I got a first ever info dialogue (paraphrasing from memory): “Would you like to delete tracks associated with the VSTi that could not be found” , and it listed Halion Sonic SE in the window.

I said no, and checked in the F11, Halion Sonic SE was loaded up just like I left it. And MIDI tracks could be routed to it, and I could hear the sound I generated. A bit weird, but nothing like what I found next.

Repro (from memory):

  1. MIDI tracking routed to Motif8 via USB, and with Cubase playing, the sound came out of my speakers about 1/3 to 1/2 measure after the cursor passed the spot (70 BPM, or thereabouts). This was audio routed from the Motif8 into my Steinberg UR28m, and “monitored” on a stereo audio track.

  2. But, very weird (to me): If I activated record on that stereo audio track, the waveform was printed at the correct position in the timeline! And of course after the fact when I played the audio it was on-time.

LIke I said, this came up out of nowhere. The problem is unfortunately (?) intermittent … I had my phone all ready to take a picture of the dialogue when it came up and of course it worked fine at that time.

Any hints on where to begin trouble shooting this?

Thanks much -


Please, make a screenshot (better then photo), once the message appears.