all of my iZotope Plug ins have no signal

Purchased new iZotope Plug ins today and once I began to apply some onto a few track inserts, ALL of my iZotope plug ins on ALL tracks in my projects seem to be getting no signal in nor out, Does anyone have the slightest idea why? They were all working earlier.

Not that this matters but I purchased Trash 2, Stutter Effect, and TPain Effect. The TPain Effect wouldn’t even get thru the install, I personally think that was a dud Download.

I am aware the Stutter only works with Midi Control but besides that Plug in, My Alloy 2 and my Trash 2 have no signal. I have an assignment due for class tomorrow and have been sitting here for 8 hrs trying to figure this out so I could really use the help :confused:

It happens to me on occasion too. I end up reinstantiating the VST, and it works fine.

I haven’t locked it down either. But it seems to be less frequent with recent updates.



Yea I though I was losing my mind. At this point , Trash 2 gets no signal at all but I got Alloy 2 working again by removing the plug in from inserts and puttin them back in. Thanks for letting me know because I thought I was overlooking something.