All Of Space - new rock song

Hi guys,

Here’s a song I just finished in Essential 5, would love to hear your feedback on the mix etc:

It’s a free download - the BandCamp player adds a weird distortion so please download the track for a decent-quality version.

Thanks in advance!

The mix sounds good to me. It’s a bit dry perhaps, could use a slight tail of reverb on the drums. During the quiet parts with just bass, drums and vocals the drums seem to lack a bit of punch, but in the remaining parts of the songs it’s fine. The toms stand out to me for some reason, particularly like their sound and panning. Is it a recorded kit or VST?
The intro being panned left is annoying in my opinion, it’s not comfortable when wearing headphones so I’d at least reduce that a little.

Sounds really good to me. I don’t think I could give any advice.

Yep, sounds good. Great guitars. :sunglasses:

Is that AutoTune on the vocals? Sounds like it…

I really liked this tune, man. Reminds me a lot of Tal Bachman, to be honest.

Great job!

Sounds very radiofriendly…Good Job!

this was a good listen :smiley: