All open projects share start time?!

This is really confusing. It seems like the timelines in all open projects follow the start time of the currently active project. This makes for some head scratching since I have several reels of a feature open with different start times (1:00:00:00, 2:00:00:00, etc.). I’m clicking on clips in non-active projects and info shows me incorrect timecode information.

Is this by design, or is there some preference to make this behave as expected? I really don’t want to see timelines change when I switch active projects.


it’s always been thus.

the timecode locations you see on the inactive project are simply offsets based on the active project. you need to activate the project to see the correct times.

i’m guessing here but i suspect that it’s down to the nature of all edl-based daws.

Thanks, Max. Has there been a history of feature requests about this? It seems like a fundamental flaw.

I’m not sure what you mean by the comment about “the nature of all edl-based daws”. Is this something you suspect cannot be made to work properly?