All or nothing with VEP5 ?

Hi everyone. I have Cubase Pro 8.5 and VEP5 server. I am thinking about getting a second computer to host VEP5. My question is if it is possible to have a VEP5 instance for PLAY or BFD3 on the slave computer, and still be able to insert PLAY/BFD3 directly in Cubase at the same time.

Why you may ask? So that for small proof of concept ideas/projects I don’t have to start (and wait) for the huge VEP5 metaframe to open (and wouldn’t need to boot the slave computer either which will save electricity). But I do not believe this is possible due to the ELicense/Ilok mechanism.

Also, I believe if I make custom adjustments directly within a VEP5 instance (say in BFD3 to make the HiHat louder, whatever) then it will always be like that when used as a rack/track instrument in Cubase. If I make a change to it in Cubase, then it would get saved back to VEP5 preserved name and persist if I opened a different Cubase project that uses BFD3. Or are settings like that saved within Cubase and not within the VEP5 server BFD3 instance?

BTW: I have looked thru the forums and haven’t seen this particular question raised before. If it has I apologize in advance and would appreciate a link to its location.



I’m afraid this is not possible because of license. EastWest Play is using iLok. The iLok is connected to your Master or Slave computer only, and the license is checked on this computer.

With the software, which is not using a hardware dongle, and you can activate it on multiple computers at once, this would be possible. But in fact, it’s against the EULA, which very often says, you are not allowed to run the software at multiple computers at the same time.

So, in general, you would need 2 licenses.

Thank you Martin.
I was afraid as much!

Martin is right. I have Play libraries loaded on both master and slave, so that when I run smaller templates I just use the master…and just plug the iLok dongle wherever I running Play from. Not sure if you are aware, but you can now obtain a machine license from EW, eliminating the use of an iLok dongle (finally).

Thank you Wolfie2112 - I didn’t know that concerning an EW machine license and will check into this option.