All presets/preferences gone after update to 9.5

I applied the 9.5 upgrade (from 9.0) and all my presets and preferences are now gone. You’d think that by this version, they would at least ask if we want them to be imported from previous version, like Adobe does. sigh So, here I go… how do I import the settings I had in version 9.0? I notice I also now have 2 separate folders in the Common Files… one for 9_0 and one for 9_5 … I won’t use 9.0 anymore so I’d like to lose that folder as well so that I only have the one.

Advice or tips my friends?

When I installed the update it copied my prefs. Did you use the full installer or the update from 9.0?

Only the update. Are your Control Room presets still available in your audio setup?


Did You solve this problem? Just updated 9 --> 9.5 and I got the same issue. It’s a bit dissapointing. I lost my enthusiasm after seeing this…

I ended up doing a fresh install of 9.5 and dropping back the xml files for these in the respective folders (make a backup). What I don’t like is that with every iteration of Cubase, they change the install folder for these like 8_5, 9, 9_5… rather than just Cubase!