All projects are playing transposed - help

This is embarassing, but I can’t figure it out. All of my projects are playing back a whole step down. And when I open the Halion Sonic SE2 window, everything looks fine. If I click a middle C at the bottom of the window, it plays a B-flat. The coarse pitch knob is set to “0”

Thanks for any help you can give.

Check your sample rate. Is it 44.1 or 48?

Preferences—Play—Audio Device Setup

Go to Edit > Device Setup, change the sample rate to a different value, wait for 2 seconds, change it back to the previous value, close the dialog and it will sound correct again.

Whoa! Thanks! It worked. I realize I had been experimenting with my audio interface and sending Dorico output to it, and that’s where this probably happened.

What’s happening there? Why is it transposing? And, which sample rate should I leave it set to?

Thanks everybody!

Usually it doesn’t matter what sample rate you use. The important thing is that Dorico, the sample libraries, and your audio interface all use the SAME sample rate.

Otherwise, if you Dorico creates say 48,000 digital audio samples that are supposed to play in one second, but your audio interface only plays 44,100 in a second, that has the same effect as lowering the pitch by 44100/48000, which is about 1.5 semitones lower.

got it! That makes sense. thanks.