all projects lost???


after the 9.5.40 update of Cubase Artist there are no more recent projects to open.
I can only start a new one.

WTF Steinberg?

Is evereything lost?

Hi and welcome,

Are the projects available in your Projects folder? Are they just missing in the Recent list?

Didn’t you also update your Windows? There is an known issue of the last Windows update, it deletes some user data.

At least here the 9.5.40 update emptied my “recent projects” list but all the files are where they are supposed to be.


the projects are in another folder but cubase cant play the keys because whatever reason.
I am now the whole week bussy with uninstalling every driver of my setup and reinstal everything because nothing is working anymore when it is in cubase.
standalone it works!
now after installing everything including cubase 9.5.40 the fucking program dont recognize my komplete kontrol s in the midi port setup

i am almost done with this fucking cubase!!!

i am up against the wall almost walking on the ceiling

before this 9.5.40 update there was no problem at all.

now i can not do anything in the cubase artist