All QC's in lane parameter list

I am lazy but I wish I had all my assigned QuickControls available in the track-automation-list.
I KNOW that I could just search for the parameter the QC is controlling BUT if I just change the QC to another instrument CC-parameter it would produce direct results in stead of copying the automation data to a new CC instead.
It’s just a quicker workflow AND I could use these track settings as a template for future instruments and just replace the VSTi.

I’m afraid this is not possible, since the parameters inside the VSTi are labelled different from instrument to instrument.
The common (MIDI) parameters are already there and stay the same on instrument change. They are recorded as MIDI data, normally.
You can find the data in the controller lanes of the associated MIDI-part.

of course its possible. its just a question of programming :wink:
it’s another question if this would be the right place.