All samples to the same volume

Hey, I’d like to ask, if there’s a way in Cubase Artist 7 to bring all samples in an audio track to the same volume level.

For example, I record some sounds, all in the same recording. I put the recording into cubase, and i see the recording’s soundwaves. They are all different, one is louder, another one is quieter. What i would like, is to bring all of them to the exact same level, so when i playback there isn’t any difference between their level (after i cut them and save them)

Thanks in advance!

If you mean nominal volume level - normalize.
If you mean they sound the same loudness - rather not

Thanks you for the response, yes, I meant the same loudness version… And is there anything with which I can do that, or that’s just impossible?

Yes. There’s no “single click solution”, but using Cubase’s “Audio | Statistics” (was this the right menu sequence? … I’m not at my DAW right now) you can find RMS values for the clips, write them down and then increase/decrease volume of the clips to even out volume differences.

Wow thanks, and which one should i check for the exact same levels? Peak Amplitude or True Peak?