All sound suddenly lost in project?

This has happened to me several times now on different projects, and it’s become kind of scary.

I’ll be editing along in the Key Editor, penciling in notes and such, usually with a mix of Instrument and MIDI tracks going on. All seems well, until at some point I’ll close the editor, sometimes change the solo/mute status of a few tracks, then try to play the project again. Silence. The meters for the tracks bounce, just no sound at all emerges. If I save the project, even close Cubase, after re-loading the project there’s still no sound at all. In the mixer the stereo out shows no meter movement at all, though the individual tracks’ meters move fine. Clicking the virtual keyboard in a VST or in the Key Editor, again the meters bounce but no sound.

The only way I’ve found to cure this is to go to the most recent .bak file and start over from there. The sound returns and everything seems normal again–until the next time it happens. I’ve taken to having to save the project using different names so when the sound dies again I don’t lose as much work.

Has anyone seen this happen? Is there a way to prevent it, or to recover the lost sound when it does?

Thanks in advance.

Okay, set the Idiot Counter up one. I finally noticed in the mixer that in the “bad” projects the Stereo Out is muted. I don’t know why or how it gets that way, but fixing it is trivial. I certainly didn’t mute it myself, not unless it’s a by-product of something I don’t know I’m doing.

Thanks anyway.


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This just happened to me right now. How do you fix this. I’m in the middle of mixing a song and I’m dying over here. Someone please help :exclamation: :confused:

What I did was pull up the main mixer panel (F3 on the Mac) and note the Stereo Out (last panel on the far right) was muted. Un-mute it and I was back in business.

Weird :question: On my PC there’s not 1 channel on the mixer muted including the master out. Also, my meters are moving as normal, but no sound. In the meantime, I’ve batched exported the song and imported all files and they play back fine. Sad thing is I have to redo the mix ALL OVER AGAIN… This is the craziest thing i’ve EVER encountered using Cubase…
This has to be a super technical bug.