All Steinberg VST showing as 32bit???

Hi, I have an issue with a Korg VST crashing my system, this lead me to looking at the VST bridge. If I go to add a VST instrument I see the VST bridge symbol next to all of my Steinberg instruments. I have always chosen 64 bit when installing.

Please see attachment

Am I correct in thinking these are all 32bit and should be reinstalled?

Thats the VST3 logo

Ok, so ALL Steinberg products require a VST bridge? I thought that if a product was using the vst bridge it was marked with this symbol which would indicate it was running 32bit and you should update to the 64bit, see below?

Yes…but your plugs in the first pic are not marked with that symbol.
It is similar but different.

Well yes there is a slight difference but as they are so similar and relate to the VST I believed them to be the same.

So if i install a 32bit pluggin I should see the first symbol, the second one indicating VST3?


Yes my last post was correct, i found an image of both the symbols in cubase. At least thats one less thing to worry about.

Here is a helpful image: