V2 Below…

now this is interesting, my 1st attempt at “melodic Jazz” but that’s not the interesting part, this music makes-up stuff in your brain, you will hear notes that are “assumed notes” , they are not actually playing, your brain fills them in…

Nice piece, I like it :slight_smile:

Hey glad you liked it :slight_smile:


Still like it :slight_smile:
The drums sound great, nice groove and details. The piano also sounds very realistic. I’d say some more chord variations wouldn’t hurt, when I hear jazz I expect more random notes and song progression. But I know nothing of jazz :wink:

I’m not getting jazz out of it at all, sorry. it sounds pretty good, but working all in the box usually does. it needs way more inspiration and variation, its like a simple midi file thats been connected to vsti’s.
maybe if there were vocals to this kinda stuff it would work better. looks like you got alot of goodies there, instead of this sort of white arrangements, maybe try something black, heavily affected and tranced/filtered etc. maybe dylan could help you in that area.
one thing I do like is your graphics and pics, cool stuff.

Sounds good to me; not very jazzy, and basically stays in the two chords the whole way through, but the sounds are very good. Nice work.

Yes I guess it’s rather simplistic, It isn’t real jazz , as real Jazz is more conversational, not really melodic, but just to emulate a vibe , a sense.
But I do appreciate you guys listening and feeding back, as it helps me navigate the vast musical world and keeps me grounded.