All the bugs

Does anyone else sit wondering why they still use cubase and pay for the updates?

Year after year the same bugs persist and even new ones appear. I’m so used to using Cubase (i’ve been using it for about 25 years!) that I just stick with it… but really, it’s getting silly now.

WHY? No audio warp in project window?

WHY? Can’t i change the order of my channels in the mixer window?

WHY? Can’t I simply drag samples from the media bay or my project to a sampler track successfully? In exactly the way advertised?

WHY? Can’t I zoom in vertically in the audio window any more?

WHY? Can’t I delete pieces of audio from lanes without it revealing bits of audio underneath? Why do i find myself actually creating blank tracks above audio … just so I can drag a window over it and successfully delete all the layers?

Why does everything just feel awkward and just stress me out all the time?

I know noone from Steinberg reads these posts or cares… The time has come to move on. Is it possible to sell your cubase license?


If you use something for 25 years and its still not good for your use
Time long overdue to go elsewhere

My complaint is that most of the bugs are simple things that feel like programmers being lazy and not testing things properly.

I’m just so fast with cubase and all the shortcuts … but these things slow me down so much

The only POSSIBLE BUG is the zoom problem and that works fine here
The rest are just feature requests

I can’t always drag an audio clip (which plays fine in the media bay) into the sampler window… Infact it hardly ever works… I can setup a new sampler track from a clip… but then thats it… i can’t change the sample. Surely classed as a bug

Not being able to move channels around in the mixer is also just silly… whether or not it is classed as a bug or a feature request is besides the point. Paying for new things but not getting the basic stuff we should have had years ago

9.0.20 released today said to improve dragging of samples into Sampler track…amongst 60 bugs claimed to have been fixed.

And yes, you can sell a Cubase License…see below:

9.0.20 is working better, there’s some things I don’t like such as opening editors to the last event or part in the project page but overall it is more stable, which is what I did expect.

LOL! My thoughts exactly. This forum is unbelievable, always full of such negative rants. There are plenty of great DAW’s out there. The items mentioned are mostly requests, not bugs.

Something I learned a year ago is that sometimes even very “simple things” are not simple at all, especially with so many updates/upgrades over the years. Just an example of something so “simple” but I guess actually very difficult…no way to add a key command to close the History Window. Or, just a simple on/off switch to open close the window? I’m told…not simple.

You wish for re-arrange channel order in 3 mix consoles. Lots of users have wished for that. But my guess is that the feature request, not bug, is not simple. It could happen, but I would guess it would be included in a paid upgrade if it does.

Hope your tantrum had a therapeutic benefit.


I like “lounged” as a verb. :smiley:

Yes. Bye bye

yeah, because whenever i’ve posted quietly and calmly about my ‘feature requests’ so many people at steinberg have listened…

… maybe the people having ‘hissy fits’ are just frustrated because they actually WANT to use cubase… just tired of tripping up on every bug and workflow smasher and can’t understand why steinberg would rather add new unnecessary plugs and features before making things stable and efficient ?

I’m submitting “lounged” to the Merriam-Webster usage panel. :laughing: