All the Cubase 10.5 Bugs are Now in Nuendo

I am dumbfounded. All the bugs from Cubase 10.5 are now in Nuendo 10.3!

  1. No cursor in the notepad
  2. Destinations are invisible in group destinations view of audio connections
  3. If I change from dark to light mode on MAC, I cannot see most of the menu messages.
  4. The CPU is higher than it was for the exact same song in Nuendo 10.2.20 - just like it was higher in Cubase 10.5 than it was in Cubase 10

I cannot believe I am the only user who noticed that you cannot read half of the menu options when using the program!!

Why??? I have been mentioning these exact same things in all the Cubase updates since 10.5 was first released. And I have also been begging please make sure these bugs are not transferred over to Nuendo. Alas, my words and pleas have fallen on deaf ears. I am so disappointed. How can I use any of the new features if I can’t read the menus???


Do you mean the Output Routing data in the Audio Connections window, when you are in macOS Dark Mode?

Any concrete example, please?

Yes, as you can clearly see in my attached screenshots #1 and #2. In both light and dark mode you cannot see the destinations of any group. Any.

I have many screenshots but I was only able to post these three. All the others simply sat there and never uploaded. My internet is super fast.


Sorry, the pictures are so small and blurred I can’t see anything on the pictures. Make a screenshot, please.

I can’t see any menu on the pictures.


Ted, there’s a way in OSX to take screenshots. I’d use that to get a clearer picture.


Shift + Cmd + 4 to crop or hit spacebar after to choose a window.