All the troubles in the world, and now this happens


Well, he got to 4 years old. Doesn’t seem much for a polar bear though. How long do they usually last in the wild?

This was all over the newspaper I read today, I had to search for something about japan or Libia :confused:
Was one of those free newspapers though.

It’s dead, Jim.

OK … RIP Knut.

Never heard of him, but, well, looked like quite a nice bear.

Awwwwwwwwwwwww. :slight_smile:

Well, he was rejected at birth by his mother.
She probably new (or felt) that there was something wrong with him…

Survival of the fittest, anyone?.. :wink:

But he was cute when he was small… :slight_smile:


I can just hear Bones now: "Damnit, Jim, I’m a surgeon, not some sort of Ursidae veterinarian!

Some beautiful photos there, very sad end but thanks for posting, Doug.

Mauri :frowning: .

His mum rejected him when she realised that the zoo had called him “Knut”, she was great with anagrams. :frowning:

But seriously - in the animal world, mothers can instinctively sense genetic defects and reject offspring accordingly. We musicians should be grateful that ‘human’ mums don’t have this instinct. :sunglasses:

I’m sure some do.

But not yours, or mine! Whew! :smiley: