"All The Way Up"

A bit of Philly-disco-funk-white soul-pop flummery.

Dedicated to the one I love. :wink:

All The Way Up

That synth coming in at 1:50 is really cool, what’s that? :smiley:
The intro isn’t exactly subtle, but after the initial shock the song was really nice :slight_smile:
I thought the mix was a little busy at times, with keys, guitars, strings etc all competing for attention.
I really like the drums, normally I would say the snare has too much bottom to it, but it suits the mix nice in this case. I thought the tambourine got a little annoying after a while, but that’s only minor.

Another fine recording. It’s a little different, but it still sounds like the Pearldivers. I like it.

I love it, great bass groove! :sunglasses:

The guitar playing is beautiful, as usual.
Great song!

Give my regards to ‘the one you love’. :smiley:


Thanks Wim! You saved me some typing! :laughing:
Ease up there Jet or you’ll have yet another album on your hands before you know it! :slight_smile:


no extra synth at 1:50, it’s a pair of electric guitars. :wink:

I understand all your comments about the arrangement and mix.
I’ve now added a drum roll at the start to soften the intro.

As to the rest, I saw the all the parts from Chorus #3 onwards as a mix challenge.
I wanted to retain them all, and I wanted them to swamp the listener with sound.
So my strategy was to I introduce each element as the song unfolded.
Once the end arrives, then, there’s nothing new, and I guess if you could
still list all the parts you were hearing, maybe I was successful? :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d like to think it works.

Ultimately, I’m glad you liked the song. :smiley:

Thanks for listening.


thanks…and thanks. :wink:

Hi Wim!

thank you, I’m glad you liked it…and the guitars. :wink:

The song had a long gestation period. Verse 1 dates from 1974,
the chorus is 1991 and Verse 2 was done in 2008. :astonished:
Praise the Lord for lyric scrapbooks! :laughing:

Cheers, the “one” is inspirational.


thanks for the proxy comments! :laughing:
If I can keep up with your output this year I’m doing well. :wink:


Great song, Jet. Loved it. You and Po look really good together in the piccie too :sunglasses:
My best to you both :sunglasses:

theres some really cool and memoreable lines in there, very cool. I like the piano part popping octaves, thats a cool add. this is a grand production, I hear it as a full symphony backing you, I like that about it. and of course your slide work, I’m listening. my own battle with it is makin me crazy but I lumber on with it.
good song jet, full and meaningful

Nice song Jet. I really like it. You mentioned trying to put alot of sound forward for the listener.
I think you’ve achieved that here. Many sounds to hear. You did a great job of keeping them from washing each other out. I was able to pick out the individual instruments and sounds no problem. I hope to be able to fit that much sound into a mix someday.
I have listened twice and one little thing sticks out to me. The keyboard/piano sort of “BANGS” that first chord in each measure throughout most of the song. With the cymbal hit added it really stands out to me. It is a driving force in the song, no question, and I won’t try to analyze it (as to good/bad/too much) any further than that!


thanks for your comments. I’m very happy you liked the song.
Thanks for the kind wishes for Popo. :wink:


I appreciate your feedback. Glad you liked the symphonic aspect.
Hang in there with the slide, it will come. :wink: If I can fudge it, anyone
can! Thanks for listening.


thank you for your review. Happy you could hear the mix elements.
I know what you mean about the piano. I will check my “velocities”
( :laughing: …) um, I mean, my heavy handedness. :blush:

I am pleasantly surprised (relieved?) that this project is well-received.
I’ve had doubts about it, sat on the recording for three years.
Cheers to my reviewers! Thank you, I’m pleased.

bump… all the way up! :wink:

…and bump again! :smiley:

just a shame your page is down at the moment…more ‘fine’ tweeking ?? :wink:
Not to worry, I have heard it and as you know, I think its great.
Now that the man-flu has gone (woohoo) I just wanted another listen :smiley:


nice vocals, sounds good…

Which of course is a Pearldivers signature :laughing:

I like it – it’s a bit different, like we’ve been goading you to do, yet retains
that characteristic Prealdivers aesthetic.

One thing I notice, I think; two things, actually: the volume level is a moderate one… AND… the lo bit-rate mp3 (which Bandcamp uses for streaming) sounds really very good… something tells me these two things are related? And perhaps an indication of how posted tunes should be handled anymore

I forgot to mention that I loved the line “I jumped the Gates of Paradise” :sunglasses:

Hi Jet

A really very nice ballad. Sounds great here. I like the twin guitars, not quite ‘Lizzy’ :mrgreen: but very nice indeed. :sunglasses:


thanks for the review. Yes, the mix was changed substantially
after you heard it. I’m much happier with this one.