All those boxes!

So I’m moving gear into my new music room - I have dozens of software boxes on top of a cupboard in the old room, you know, old Cubase boxes, sample library boxes. I keep all the discs and manuals and stuff all together in a safe place so the boxes are all empty. What’s the concensus: should I get rid of the boxes; or should I keep them for posteriorty?

The only good they do me is to remind me what software I have, which software I haven’t used in ages (or at all), and how much money I’ve spent (wasted?) over the years! :open_mouth:

Apart from that, best wishes to all for the holidays! :wink:

Frame them and hang them from the studio walls (and the living room walls too, if Mrs. RokGeetar lets you get away with it). :wink:

Yea I was saving all of mine too until they were just taking up too much space. It’s funny just last weekend I got rid of them all, and as I was doing it I was wondering why I had kept them so long.

I don’t think Mrs Rok would appreciate that a huge amount! I think I will chuck them, but I’m wondering whether to cut the fronts off the boxes and just keep them in a pile somewhere :chin:

You could probably unfold the boxes and make em flat, that’ll reduce the bulk a lot right there. Pain in the butt I suppose but you get to keep em. Plus, these things may turn up on the Antiques Roadshow in the future and the appraisor may say, “Well Neil, these things are normally worth a fortune. Unfortunately, you threw the original boxes away so they’re worth a lot less. What a schmuck” :laughing:

Yep, I’d unfold em and store em somewhere, they take up a lot less space :sunglasses:

I tried that strategy. It works, for a while. You can go a few more years by storing the empty flattened boxes before completely running out of space. :wink:

The old one was 2.5m x 2m and with 15 guitars, the computer desk, monitors and various other hardware, and the empty boxes, there was hardly room for me! This year I have had an extension built to my house and now there is an empty 4m x 4m room just waiting to be cluttered up with my sh!t! I’ve got the desk and puter set up already, and I’ll be hanging geetars on the walls and spreading out a bit, but I don’t want unnecessary crap in there … maybe I should stay out :laughing:

And the guitars can act like diffusers :laughing:

:smiley: I have been known to hang duvets and blankets on the hangers while singing - never helped my voice though, would prolly be better to just record the duvet … :unamused:

Take a nice wide angle photo of all those boxes, frame the print, then chuck them. (and start over!)

Happy GAS everyone! :laughing:

Burn 'em! :smiling_imp:

Not sure why but I find I’m getting a bit ‘anti-nostalgia’ these days, :confused: no longer one for hangin’ onto relics from the past anymore. Out with the old, in with the new…

I have an old anvil (man, is it HEAVY) ATA approved case with casters on it which holds a bunch of my synthe modules and other stuff. The old, pre-HD TV currently sits on it. My plan is to empty it out, put applicable modules in another lighter, plastic carrier and stash all the software boxes in the anvil case. Out of sight, out of mind… until I have to get a new computer and reload.