All tracks are either soloed or muted. I can't bring them back to normal. How can I do?

For some reason I find myself with all tracks soloed. If I unsolo one of them it goes to mute and leaves the other tracks soloed, which is normal. The problem is that if I unsolo all tracks, I’m left with all muted tracks! And if then I unmute all tracks I’m left with all soloed tracks!

Before this issue occurred I had tracks that were not soloed nor muted. it’s weird.
Now it’s as if there is one hidden track that remains soloed and “blocks” all other tracks in this solo/muted state. However, there’s not other track!!
How can I fix this?

In the project window toolbar, you have two extra “M” and “S” buttons, those are “Deactivate all mute states” and “deactivate all solo states… try those.

Yes! this worked! thanks