All Used Up

Recorded a mess of guitars on this one and got a chance to practice some slide.

Nice, well played and mixed, though I reckon with a song like this the listener needs to be able to hear every word very clearly… and I found I was straining a little trying to pick lines out . From what I did hear it seems there are some quite fun lyrics in there. :sunglasses:

Good song. Guitars have a really nice tone to them. I like the backup vocals throughout the song. Great job!

yeah…agree with the others…good stuff, Kevin

Thanks for listening and commenting. A lot of times I mix my vocals a bit back into the mix because I’m not a very good singer and the music hides my voice a bit.

I hear ya. I used to hide in my mixes too when I was less confident. You’re vocal on this one is fine - bring it up a notch or two and it will be even finer! :sunglasses: