All vst reverbs are in mono?

Any pointers on why the vst reverbs or delays in Cubase elements 6 are only in mono? Thank you

Because you have them on mono channels?

+1 That will do it for sure.

A lil ‘pop-up’ to warn users when loading a stereo fx onto a mono
track/channel/buss might be nice.

I created a mono track and set the configuration for that track to mono, I now realize this is no doubt the reason the reverbs are also in mono.
However, I created another audio track and set the configuration to stereo and dragged that mono wav into it. Now the reverbs are in stereo if you are panned in the middle, the moment you pan left or right the reverbs pan with it also.

Of course it does, as long as it is used as insert on that track. This is one of the reasons some FX are used a sends instead…
Start reading the fine manual.